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Helping the Homeless

Provide clothing, blankets, toiletries, and food for those most in need.

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Provide materials with information about local assistance programs and services.

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Contact us to donate money, new and gently used items, or volunteer your time.


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  • Seeds are Sown

    For over 20 years we have been helping those in poverty. The Klovenas family has volunteered at various soup kitchens, food pantries and homeless services since the 1980s. As a family they would all hand out food, clean and sort that food, and collect donations for various pantries. Service to those less fortunate has always been an important tenant to the family.

  • Helping Out

    In the 2000s we expanded to include other volunteers outside of the family. Groups of volunteers started collecting, buying and donating for local homeless shelters. We would go around doing blanket and clothing drives getting others to help contribute. We also recycled old unusable sweaters, fabric and blankets into scarves and donated them to the local shelters. However, seeing how overcrowded the shelters were and how many people were not able to get anything, we felt the need to expand what we did into other venues.

  • Hitting the Streets

    In order to serve an overlooked portion of those in poverty we came up with a new plan. We would gather donations of food and money to purchase food and set out to feed as many as possible once a week. We felt the need to be the stop gap to those not making it into a shelter, unable to find one or that did not even know they were eligible to go into a shelter. We also continued to hand out blankets and clothing as we had it available.

  • Expanding Who We Help

    We quickly realized we would have to streamline our process and make it official to help the most people possible. So, we incorporated as a non-profit and started to reach out to more people. We created our monthly "Heart Filled Bags" to provide necessary items that are not available to most homeless people. We also expanded to another state with a volunteer group. One of the major realizations we had when doing our early campaigns is that just providing immediate relief was not enough, we need to help people to find a way out of homelessness overtime. Therefore, we created pamphlets that we include in our bags and speak to people about when we go out to serve. These pamphlets have information about other services for homeless veterans, youth, abused women, addicts, etc. There are so many programs that people have no way of finding the information about when they are out on the street. We want to help encourage and empower them to take the first steps to finding a path out of poverty.

  • The Future

    In order to help people, find a path out of poverty we hope to provide more services in the future as we grow as a non-profit. We want to include bus passes and hotel vouchers in the future to help those struggling to get or hang onto a job. The only way we can fix the problem of underserved people is for all of us to work together with compassion and understanding in a multi-solution approach.

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